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General Questions

We will buy and exchange LP’s, CD’s, DVD’s & 7” singles. However items must have covers and no scratches or excessive wear and tear.

We do not keep an inventory of stock. Simply because the turnover is quick and the the stock too vast for this to be practical. We recommend visiting and spending the time to browse - most will find something they love.

We will hold stock for up to one week before it goes back out on the floor.

How much we pay for items depends on a number of factors such as the condition of the items, their popularity and our stock levels at the time. We recommend to our customers to drop the items in and we can give a price on inspection. For very large collections we are may be able to inspect at location - it is best to ring ahead and discuss this.

We do offer a trade in system. After inspection you items will be given a monetary value - this will always be more generous than the cash value you would receive for selling’s the items. You are then free to spend that amount on anything you see in store.

All our stock is exclusively second hand. However, we have very high standards and all stock is checked and cleaned before being put out on our shop floor. All our stock is guaranteed to be in very good condition.